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Keeping Robots Local and Human

We don’t just make robots at OhmniLabs for the sake of making robots. We build robots to connect people -- to bring people closer together. We’re using cutting-edge technology not just to innovate (though innovation is crucial to what we do), but to figure out how we can take care of each other in new and better ways. It’s not about the machines -- it’s about the impact the machines have on people. That’s why we’ve thought through our manufacturing and production process from start to finish in a way that best serves the people that we seek to connect.

So where does it all start? It all begins at our headquarters in Santa Clara California, where we initialize our product designs. Normally after the design process, if we were like many other companies, we would ship things off to an overseas manufacturer to have things taken care of cheaply for us. But we do things differently. Our product doesn’t leave our doors at this point -- instead of outsourcing our manufacturing and production, we keep things close to home.

Introduction to OhmniLabs - Who We Are

Hello! We’re Ohmnilabs, founded by Thuc Vu, Jared Go and Tingxi Tan. We create affordable and capable home robots that redefine the aging-in-place experience.

Why we’re doing what we’re doing

As our parents grow older, we worry about their well-being, especially if they are living by themselves. We have found that there is a deep and vital need for a better way to help independently-living seniors live more comfortably in their own homes. Because we personally feel this need ourselves with our own families, we have turned this into our passion project. As a team, we bring experience in the tech and startup industries, a blend of disciplines, and diverse technical expertise in hardware and software to the table.

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