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Ohmni Review by IEEE!

Last week, IEEE Spectrum - the flagship electronic magazine of IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to the greatest trends and developments in technology, engineering, and science, reviewed the Ohmni robot!!! And we are thrilled with their feedback about how easy Ohmni is ready to use for anyone, even when the person is non-tech savvy.

Optimize Aging With Ohmni

One of Ohmni robot's purposes is to serve the aging community and make them feel better by facilitating and improving their connection with the ones they treasure most.

Say Goodbye to a 24 Hour Flight

It is noon in Taipei, Taiwan. Through the huge glass window, the street seems a little quiet for a Monday morning. But it still looks pretty good for a picture. Or at least that's how Jared, Ohmnilabs' co-founder thinks, as he is "running around" the manufacturer's office on 3 wheels.


Well, not really. It is actually 9 PM Sunday evening where Jared is enjoying taking these pictures. In fact, he is sitting in his Ohmnilabs office in Santa Clara, California, projecting his presence overseas through Ohmni. There is a 15 hours difference between the two offices, yet the team is able to work together seamlessly thanks to Ohmni being in the place of the real Jared in Taipei!

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