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Custom Robots Surprised all Trick-or-Treaters

Trick-or-treat is a must do activity for every kid (and some adults) on Halloween. But have you ever imagined the person answering the door is not a human, but a Superhero ROBOT?! We actually made this happened on Halloween by dressing up our robots as Superman and Batman to create an unforgettable experience for trick-or-treaters. When the group of kids from the tutoring center 2 doors down came by, they were pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see custom robots answering the door.

OhmniLabs Launches Innovative Pilot Programs

Silicon Valley-Based Startup Connects Families Through Affordable, Easy to Use Robots

Santa Clara, California — July 19, 2016 — OhmniLabs (https://ohmnilabs.com/), a Silicon Valley-based robotics startup, today announces the availability of its technology for pilot programs across the US. OhmniLabs is kicking off this launch by partnering with facilities such as Home Care Assistance of North America, Avenidas located in Palo Alto, California and The Heritage Pointe located in Walnut Creek, California.

OhmniLabs created affordable and capable robots that virtually provide companionship and care in a way that no existing tool can match. The robots enable shared experiences that are delightful, engaging, and spontaneous for families. OhmniLabs’ robots are customizable and designed from the ground-up and unlike expensive alternatives, the robots feature zero-touch, user-centric designs that stem from research and extensive user testing.

Engaging with New Users through Pilot Programs

The OhmniLabs team has been busy lately working with partners to pilot test our robots in different home care agencies and retirement communities across the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to interact with elders and caregivers at these facilities, while also learning about the pain points in their daily lives.

The Heritage Pointe, an independent senior living facility in Walnut Creek, CA is one of our new test sites. We are placing our robots in a common area where elders gather for their daily activities, which allows their family members to virtually visit and join them during these activities.

Keeping Robots Local and Human

We don’t just make robots at OhmniLabs for the sake of making robots. We build robots to connect people -- to bring people closer together. We’re using cutting-edge technology not just to innovate (though innovation is crucial to what we do), but to figure out how we can take care of each other in new and better ways. It’s not about the machines -- it’s about the impact the machines have on people. That’s why we’ve thought through our manufacturing and production process from start to finish in a way that best serves the people that we seek to connect.

So where does it all start? It all begins at our headquarters in Santa Clara California, where we initialize our product designs. Normally after the design process, if we were like many other companies, we would ship things off to an overseas manufacturer to have things taken care of cheaply for us. But we do things differently. Our product doesn’t leave our doors at this point -- instead of outsourcing our manufacturing and production, we keep things close to home.

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