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"Sugoi!", Welcome to Ohmnilabs!

[fa icon="clock-o"] Sep 26, 2017 4:03:57 PM [fa icon="user"] Minh Nguyen [fa icon="folder-open'] matsuda denki, sugoi, ohmnilabs visitors

Apart from all the attention we get from the big news channels such as the New York Times, Forbes, the Washington Post, and Wired, we also get a lot of great feedback from partners and manufacturers from around the world.  

Just a few days ago, we had the honor to welcome a team from Matsuda Denki, a Japanese manufacturer of electrical equipment and components, as well as a supplier for Toyota. The purpose of their visit to our California-based lab was to learn about our innovative manufacturing process.

Matsuda Denki's current business focuses on quality, throughput, and production rate for a very focused set of products and uses which complements Ohmnilabs' process which is all about speed, flexibility, and reconfigurability to adapt to various personal cases.

According to Jared Go, Ohmnilabs' CTO and cofounder, "often times in production, people like to talk about how big a factory is. Our manufacturing philosophy is different. We start by trying to get the maximum amount of productivity into the smallest space possible."


The word we often hear from them is "sugoi," which means amazing/awesome in Japanese. The visiting team was truly amazed at the number of different things we are able to design, engineer, and produce within such a limited time, space, and human resource. They were also impressed with our 3D printing quality and our ability to design and build every part of Ohmni robot, from its PCBs to its wiring, plastic, and metal parts right in our lab.

Japan's manufacturing industry is well known for their "monozukuri" culture, which literally means "the making of things." But the word itself has a much broader meaning and has a strong emphasis on the craftsmanship and the product made. While we love showing the team at Matsuda Denki our first-of-its-kind robotic manufacturing process, we also learn a lot from them and look forward to many such interactions. 

We will  keep you all updated on the feedback we get from other manufacturing partners as well. In the meanwhile, you can get the latest news about Ohmnilabs at our press room here:


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