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Seniors Housing Business Reviews Ohmni & Other Changing Aging Tech...

[fa icon="clock-o"] Oct 23, 2018 1:03:39 PM [fa icon="user"] OhmniLabs Team

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Every day, the aging population of America is growing and growing. With technology advancing at the same rate, there are always new solutions popping up to help senior citizens live their lives with freedom. The driving force behind these solutions are manifested, ironically, by the younger generation. Understandably, with the number of senior citizens increasing, the younger generation are front-row witnesses to the pain points that seniors are experiencing with today’s technology. 
In this article by Seniors Housing Business, Ohmni is listed as one of the various solutions being offered today as a solution for today’s aging population. 
Seniors Housing Business reviews Ohmni as ‘a literal lifesaver’ — noting that our robot is safe for grandparents and grandkids alike. Using the familiarity of FaceTime and Skype, Ohmni’s design takes it a step further, featuring a stick-like device with three-wheels, anondized aluminum, complete with a head-like video screen and camera. While the design is skeletal and robotics (different from other brands opting to give their robots with human features), CEO, Thuc Vu, says this was intentional — "Anything that looks too human comes across as eerie.” 
Listed below are other technologies featured in the article: 
  • Active Protective, a start-up focused on developing a belt with 3D motion sensors, created the product with the progressive thinking of detecting a fall and deploying airbags as a preventative measure. According to Active Protective, their technology is able to reduce fall impact by 90 percent. This technology could be the solution in decreasing the number of hip replacements and, in turn, the decrease of medical costs, increased life expectancy, and higher quality of life. 
  • MyndVR, is in progress of creating new virtual reality content, as well as licensing existing VR content. This business was established with consideration of decrease mobility as an individual ages, making travel exponentially harder. Through the use of VR and VR technology, such as the Samsung Oculus Virtual Reality headset, seniors are now able to see and hear, and experience virtually, different places and sounds. Currently, MyndVR is being used across 600 senior communities — including hospices, skilled nursing facilities, and independent living homes. 
  • Embodied Labs, a winner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s XR Education Prize, allows caregivers to virtually experience what is happening to an individual suffering from hearing and vision loss. The company offers eight modules that combine live-action video games with real-time decisions about one’s personal care during the module experience. By allowing caregivers, medical practitioners, and loved ones to experience what is happening, they are more knowledgable in deciding the care for the patient. 
  • Lifepod, ‘a voice-controlled virtual assistant, personalized by the user/caregiver. This allows users and caregivers to routinely check-in with the patient and monitor important details of their health. Features such as birthday reminders and scheduled dialogues ensure minimal effort on activating the product—unlike, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, requiring the user to speak “Alexa” or “Siri” to being the interaction.
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