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Investment Announcement: Toppan Printing Makes a Strategic Investment in OhmniLabs


Tech Tidbit Tuesday - July 17, 2018

3D Printing is a manufacturing process that creates a three dimensional object by incrementally adding material until the object is complete. 
(source: DigitalTrends)

When OhmniLabs was founded, one of the main goals was to reinvent the traditional robotics development process. We wanted to build a hardware company that was more like a software company in terms of flexibility and iteration speed. By building our Ohmni bot in-house with 3D printers, we've established a scalable lean manufacturing process. This helps us to solve manufacturing problems as soon as they come up and helps us to keep the cost of Ohmni down. 

Here are a few tech tidbits about 3D Printing you might not have known! 

Happy Independence Day with Ohmni!


Did you know that our Ohmni bot comes in different colors? 
Choose a red, white, or black Ohmni to join in your family's festivities for tomorrow,
and for future family functions

OhmniLabs Joins Nvidia Inception Program

Nvidia Inception Program  

We're excited to announce that OhmniLabs has been accepted into Nvidia's Inception Program!

OhmniLabs "Lab Day" with Japan Management Consultants Association (JMCA)

JMCA visits OhmniLabs

Our friends from the JMCA Delegation came all the way from Japan to visit! We just had to show off our Ohmni Bot and robot arm! Watch as OhmniLabs co-founder, Jared Go, demonstrates our robot arm! 

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