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OhmniLabs Introduces Ohmni, A Home Robot that Transforms How Families Stay Connected

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Silicon Valley-Based Startup Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Bring the Ohmni Experience To Families Around The World

Santa Clara, California — April 12, 2017 — OhmniLabs (https://ohmnilabs.com/), a Silicon Valley-based robotics startup, today announces the launch of Ohmni, a home robot that lets families connect in a more natural and engaging way than any video chat. During the crowdfunding campaign, the robot will be available for an introductory price of $1,395. This price is $500 off the MSRP.

Ohmni is a fresh approach to telepresence that’s designed specifically for homes and families. Ohmni makes it natural and effortless to join in and share experiences like cooking with mom, family dinner, movie night or game day with dad -- across any distance. The team at OhmniLabs studied families around the world and found that these "shared experiences" were what people missed most since standard video chat was too cumbersome to enable these richer interactions.

Ohmni is designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. To set up, just unfold Ohmni, press the power button, and connect to your home Wi-Fi. Share access by inviting family and friends by email address or Google or Facebook account. They can use Chrome browser on any Mac/PC or Android device to connect to Ohmni from anywhere in the world. Interact freely by controlling Ohmni with the keys, trackpad, or touch controls.

“Families today are often spread out across countries and continents, making it a challenge to stay in touch. We created a robot that people can use everyday to not only communicate but experience life together. The possibilities are endless. I use Ohmni with my grandma in Vietnam and it’s amazing how natural our interaction is,” said Thuc Vu, co-founder and CEO of OhmniLabs.

Unlike other robotics and telepresence companies, OhmniLabs builds each robot locally in its facility in Santa Clara, CA using a scalable additive manufacturing process which they've tested and refined over the last two years. Every Ohmni is made to order and incorporates materials like bamboo and brushed aluminum to create a robot that you’re proud to display in your home.

Ohmni allows you to enjoy meaningful, shared experiences with the following features:

  • Quick setup
  • Zero hassle calling
  • Hands-free experience
  • Ultra-responsive tilting head
  • MotionMap (TM) technology
  • Glide Drive technology-
  • Lightweight and portable-
  • Open platform-

In order to obtain user feedback, OhmniLabs conducted a pilot program over the past six months with families that have elders living far away. The ability to easily connect on a daily basis has proven helpful for these families and their feedback has been positive. This program was recently featured in the New York Times Retiring section. "Asking my mom to drag out the iPad every time we wanted to video chat felt like a huge burden. We always love watching TV together in person. Now Ohmni lets us do just that -- from 8,300 miles away! It was the first thing we did when we received our robot. The smile on my mom’s face was priceless and it’s a great feeling to bond like that again," said LCpl Andrew Lyle, US military personnel stationed in Japan.

Ohmni was also created as an open and extensible platform through a cloud programming API known as OhmniAPI, which is designed to make programming robots as fast as developing web apps. Developers and businesses can build custom integrations on top of the full telepresence experience, the Ohmni software stack, or the low level hardware. Ohmni integrates with the Amazon Alexa API for home automation and general use when not in a call.

For more information and to pre-order Ohmni on Indiegogo starting today through May 10th, 2017, please visit our Indiegogo page here or visit us at https://ohmnilabs.com/. The robots will begin shipping to early backers in four months. International orders are accepted.

About OhmniLabs

Founded in 2015 and based in Silicon Valley, CA, OhmniLabs is re-imagining personal robotics. The co-founders, Jared Go, Tingxi Tan and serial entrepreneur Thuc Vu, are robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon and Stanford who believe that personal consumer robots can make a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. They have extensive experience in AI, machine learning, multi-agent systems, industrial design, mechanical & electrical engineering and cloud infrastructure. For more information, please visit https://ohmnilabs.com/.

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