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Ohmni Featured as a Robot Roommate by FamilyCircle

[fa icon="clock-o"] Feb 13, 2018 9:37:35 PM [fa icon="user"] OhmniLabs Team [fa icon="folder-open'] telepresence, FamilyCircle, The Heritage Downtown

With technology evolving on a daily basis, the learning curve is growing larger and larger between the elderly and the younger generation. We are proud that our Ohmni robot is part of FamilyCircle’s recent coverage on technologies that are helping the elderly live independently, and bringing generations closer by bridging the technology gap.




Featuring Maxine Duncan, 87, and Bert Yarbrough, 90, the article notes how their new Ohmni robot (nicknamed Jimmy) has become their unexpected roommate after moving into The Heritage Downtown retirement community in Walnut Creek, California. Jimmy the Ohmni now allows their 5 adult children to connect and visit with their parents by controlling and navigating the bot around their house.

The generation that Maxine and Bert belong to have an inherent trust embedded in the hardware of a product. Ultimately, that is where the learning gap is established - by trusting the mechanics and engineers behind the hardware, there is no need in understanding the technology behind it. In contrast, Maxine and Bert’s children belong to a generation where handling technology comes natural.


By focusing on the needs of the elderly, and understanding the capabilities of the younger generation, Ohmni has created a solution to the technological learning gap: by giving the hardware to the elderly, and giving the technology to the younger generation. With the technology in the hands of Bert and Maxine’s children, the stress of figuring out how to work Jimmy is no longer a stressor. In actuality, the only stressor present is when the kids are controlling Jimmy around the house to find their parents!

Visit us at www.ohmnilabs.com to order your Ohmni robot today!



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