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Kambria Introduction to Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup

[fa icon="clock-o"] Dec 11, 2017 11:33:45 AM [fa icon="user"] Minh Nguyen [fa icon="folder-open'] kambria, blockchain, decentralized, silicon valley ethereum meetup, robotics platform

DA75C192-E8D5-4714-A62D-B2B4C0CEE8CA.jpegLast week, on Tuesday, Ohmnilabs’ CTO and co-founder Jared Go was honored to present Kambria, our decentralized robotics platform, at the Ethereum Meetup of Silicon ValleyKambria’s mission is to “revolutionize the process of robotics innovation, enabling faster, cheaper, and easier robotics development and adoption by everyone,” said Jared.

The other two platforms presented at the meetup included Kybernetwork, a new decentralized exchange of digital assets, and Balanc3, an accounting, audit and tax software for the blockchain and crypto industry. 

It was a packed house with a lot of excitement around decentralization, blockchain and Kambria. For more information on Kambria, please visit https://www.kambria.io and check out our explainer video here.

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