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Ethereal Was, Indeed, Ethereal!

The Ethereal Summit in San Francisco last week brought together a fantastic lineup of speakers in the blockchain and ethereum ecosystem, as well as an eclectic mix of attendees. It’s not every day that you get to see a meditation and massage area at a conference!

The summit was divided into sessions and workshops where the sessions provided insights into topics like investing in blockchain, how to launch an ICO to the future of crypto exchanges. Workshops were hands on interactions and provided expertise on topics like smart contracts, ethereum blockchain programming and design thinking.

The biggest highlight of the event was Peter Diamandis’ inspiring talk on how blockchain & AI has democratized products and services in every major industry while creating an incredible world of abundance.

IoT Meets Blockchain

Ohmnilabs and Kambria's CEO and co-founder, Thuc Vu is honored to speak at the IoT Meets Blockchain panel on November 8 2017 in San Francisco, CA. The focus of the panel's discussion will be on how blockchain can positively impact offline retail and supply chain.

H2O Global Summit - an Offline Event of the Digital World

Last week, on Friday, October 27, Ohmnilabs had the opportunity to connect with leaders within the digital industry across various areas, including delivery services, education, corporate development, talent, marketplaces, media & entertainment, monetization, and funding during the H2O Global Summit 2017.

Innovation Inspired by Blockchain

What is Innovation?

Accel-erating the Future of AI and Robotics

Earlier this week, Ohmnilabs had the honor to speak at the "Demystifying AI" workshop held at Google Launchpad and organized by Accel, an organization aimed at "Lowering the Barriers to Entry in Engineering AI while Fostering Inclusion and Shaping the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Engineers and Enthusiasts."

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