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Pitching at G Startup Worldwide

Last week, our team had an exciting time participating in the G Startup Worldwide - Silicon Valley pitch competition. 10 teams were on stage to pitch to 10 judges. To be among the top 10 finalists, we had to compete against more than 1000 applicants. At the end of the day, Ohmnilabs' Kambria (more to come) system took home the first place!

Say Goodbye to a 24 Hour Flight

It is noon in Taipei, Taiwan. Through the huge glass window, the street seems a little quiet for a Monday morning. But it still looks pretty good for a picture. Or at least that's how Jared, Ohmnilabs' co-founder thinks, as he is "running around" the manufacturer's office on 3 wheels.


Well, not really. It is actually 9 PM Sunday evening where Jared is enjoying taking these pictures. In fact, he is sitting in his Ohmnilabs office in Santa Clara, California, projecting his presence overseas through Ohmni. There is a 15 hours difference between the two offices, yet the team is able to work together seamlessly thanks to Ohmni being in the place of the real Jared in Taipei!

Moving the Future Forward

Last week, our CEO, Thuc Vu participated in an interesting panel discussion on AI, Machine Learning and Robotics. The other panelists include Dr. Ali Farhadi - CEO and Founder of Xnor.ai, Biju Nair - CEO of HYLA Mobile, and Barak Turovsky - Head of Product of Google Translate & Machine Intelligence at Google.

Discussing the Future of Ohmni on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Recently, we discussed how we see Ohmni shaping the future of home care on CheddarTV.

During the program, OhmniLabs co-founder and CEO Thuc Vu explained how and why we aim to place affordable robots in every home. 

He also discussed his thoughts on the next challenges home robotics will tackle in the near future and what’s next for OhmniLabs. To hear Thuc's views on the evolution of telepresence technology, the use of robotics in senior care and his inspiration behind co-founding OhmniLabs, watch the video of the broadcast.

After watching Thuc explain the future, be part of it. Click the link below to pre-order your own Ohmni. 

Pre-Order Ohmni Today

Forbes Describes OhmniLabs’ “Sophisticated” Production Pipeline as a Game Changer in Home Robotics

When we started OhmniLabs, soldering on the floor of Jared’s apartment, we had a vision—decreasing development costs, while increasing product utility to deliver robots to connect families across the globe.

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